How to Enrol

To enrol at Canine Cuddles, you need to complete the Enrolment Form and the Liability & Waiver form and your dog needs to pass the Temperament Test.

Prior to completing the forms, please read the information for each section below as well as the Information Handbook and familiarise yourself with how Canine Cuddles operates.

Once the forms are completed, please contact us either by phone or email to arrange the Temperament Test.

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Healthy dogs are Happy dogs

Canine Cuddles is unable to accept any dogs into the service with contagious diseases or parasites.

Common diseases include;
• Conjunctivitis
• Intestinal parasites(worms)
• Bordatella(kennel cough)

If you suspect you dog may have a disease it is recommended you seek veterinary advice. If unsure, you may contact the service and ask the staff. In the event that a dog enteres care and staff deem it to be unfit for daycare, then the dog will be isolated and sent home. Before returning the the service, a veterinarian must declare the animal healthy and free of any disease and/or parasite.

All dogs attending care are required to have up to date vacinations. A vacination certificate is required in order for an enrolment to proceed. A minimum C3 vaccination is required although C5 is desirable.If unsure, please speak to the staff about your pets current status.

Preparing for daycare

Prior to your dog enrolling at Canine Cuddles, it is necessary for your dog to pass a temperament test. This will assess your dog’s suitability in our service and will help staff to better provide a safe and fun environment for all. Once your dog passes this test then they may enrol in care at […]

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Attending daycare

On your first day at Canine Cuddles, please bring your dog to the service between 7:00 and 7:15am. This early arrival time will mean that your dog will get used to the environment prior to many of our regular dogs coming in for the day. This will limit any stress put on your dog by […]

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Client Drop Off

You are able to drop off your dog between the hours of 7:00am and 9:30am. Please indicate on the enrolment form as to what time you will be using the service so that we can effectively manage traffic and parking facilities. Dogs must be on leash when exiting your vehicle and coming into the daycare […]

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Client Pick Up

When you arrive to pick up your dog, please wait in the reception area until a handler comes to greet you. The handler will then retrieve your dog from the play area and bring it out to you and provide you with a run down of how your dog has gone throughout the day.

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Late Pick Up

We understand that at times, things can happen which prevent you from collecting your dog on time. We do ask that you contact the service in the event that you are unable to arrive at your scheduled time. In the event that a dog is not collected by 6:00pm, staff will attempt to contact the […]

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Please park in the designated client parking for Canine Cuddles and be aware that we can be busy during drop off/pick times so we ask that you stick to your designated booking times as indicated on the enrolment form. Should you need to alter your booking to increase or reduce days at any time, please […]

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